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In the years before his disappearance, Master Fard Muhammad sought to help the Lost Found peoples of America rediscover their origins and purpose. Through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, his teachings were transmitted for all to read or hear, some of which are reproduced here.


Lessons From Allah’s Prophet, Given Through His Messenger, Include:


The Birth Right Question

Teachings For The Civilized Lost Found

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The True Meaning Of Christianity

Wilderness Of North America


It is our hope that you find the following materials instructive, and that the Peace of Allah be upon you.


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What Is The Birth Right Question?



Man is God of himself, his environment and the universe in which we live. Every person and people, by the right of their birth, are the inheritors of what their ancestors before them have done or the material they have acquired. We inherit the good and the bad, and the responsibility to continue what they have done or correct the wrong. Either way we will be judged in our lives by what we do in accord with the history we have inherited.


Before we proceed with this subject, which is the root of our problems and the cause of our successes, we must understand the correct meaning of certain words and terms which have poisoned and corrupted our thinking, and crippled our minds and ability to perceive life and ourselves correctly.


   Allah - (God): A person or people of Divine intelligence; the original man; a master of truth and justice.

   Divine Intelligence: The natural ability to perceive truth; to know and understand the order and function of the physical universe (our environment) and ourselves (mentally and physically).

   Artificial Intelligence: Made or learned intelligence from a scheme to control what a person does; a mind that doesn't perceive truth at its root; a narrow - minded person who only perceives the present time and events as truth.

   Muhammad: A person worthy of praise; a teacher and servant of Divine truth.

   Muslim: A seeker of Divine truth; a child of Divine intelligence.

   Man: A civilized person of mature intelligence that will obey the laws of civilization.

   Woman: A civilized person of mature intelligence who are inclined to follow their instincts and emotions.

   Child: A person who must be controlled because of their limited knowledge.

   Satan: A person of civilized intelligence who is rebellious against Divine truth and knowledge.

   Devil: An unintelligent, fearful person who is easily ruled by fear and emotion.

   Male: The flesh form of life that has the seed of life reproduction.

   Female: The flesh form of life that carries the seed of reproduction to its birth.


In ancient time when the entire planet was called Asia, the leaders of the original people decided to bring all human life into the knowledge and understanding of themselves as the Divine God of Creation.


Until that decision was taken the true history and knowledge of man was known only to a few men, who were leaders of the great masses of people. when this decision was made some of the leaders did not agree with it, yet the plan was set in motion. The leaders who decided to enlighten the masses were opposed by those who feared their positions and privileges would be disturbed, because the masses of people, whom they felt superior to, would be as wise as themselves.


This rebellion was against truth, being that it was against the advancement of the human family, which is the plan of God. Consequently, because of their envy and jealousy of God and His plan, these rebellious leaders fell mentally from the high positions they had achieved; causing them to become Satan and opposed to right. They did not want the masses of people who they were in authority over, to grow into the knowledge of themselves as God, as they had previously known before their fall from power for breaking the Divine law.


Since they wanted to keep the people dumb to the knowledge of themselves and God; and because the righteous leaders (God) had devised this plan to enlighten the masses of people; these leaders who had become unrighteous leaders (Satan), decided to use God's plan to oppose the Divine enlightenment of the people.


Only men of Divine intelligence have what is known as created or original minds, and people who rebel against truth are shut off from Divine intelligence; so they must depend on those who have Divine intelligence for their thoughts and ideas. This is why they must use God's plan to oppose Him. They have no means to develop original plans of their own. "So they planned and Allah planned, and Allah is the best of planners." God gave Satan a period of six thousand years to see if he (Satan) could deceive the masses of people about God and His plan. (Genesis 1:31 - "........And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.") (Genesis 2:2 "And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made....")


This is the history of what we, the seed of the original people have been living through for this period of time. God's plan is to bring man to the reality of his true nature and the universe; and this idea is seen in the history and lives of the prophets from Adam to Muhammad - (PBUH) - the last prophet.


Satan's plan is to use God's plan of enlightening the people by teaching the opposite of what God teaches, is meant to confuse and deceive the masses; and this idea is seen in the history of Adam also, and in the establishment of all the conqueror's kingdoms and governments which have been erected on the earth in the past six thousand years.


In the Bible in Genesis we have a symbolic story of God creating the heavens and the earth; and then He makes a man called Adam and a woman called Eve; who encourages Adam to disobey God and they both are exiled from the Garden of Eden. This story is either taken literally by the gullible masses of people or they dismiss it as a fable, yet there is great truth in it, if you understand the story.


The God making the heavens and the earth was not creating the physical world, for that had been in existence for trillions of years. (Genesis 4:16 "And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden." 4:17 "AND CAIN KNEW HIS WIFE; AND SHE CONCEIVED,....") Now, the Bible says that Cain was the first child of Adam and Eve and Abel was the second. Seth was the third child born to them, but he was born after Cain left the presence of God. If there were no other people on the face of the earth when God created Adam and Eve, and Cain was the first child born to them: WHERE DID THIS WIFE THAT "CAIN KNEW" COME FROM?


The truth is that God was creating a BODY OF KNOWLEDGE AND A MENTAL ENVIRONMENT, designed specifically to bring the masses of people into the true knowledge of themselves, and at the same time Satan was developing his knowledge from God's plan with which to oppose God and influence the people. Since God is the master of all life, including Satan, the masses of people were symbolically called Adam while they were in obedience to God.


Eve was not a physical woman but Eve was the knowledge that God allowed Satan to use to oppose the Adamic people. Eve is the knowledge of material creation and the emotion that is used to pull on people and interfere with their ability to use their minds, and think clearly.

The tree of life was the people that God has chosen out of the masses, after He had decided to allow Satan the freedom to try to deceive them. These people that God had chosen and set apart would be taught and raised into Divine knowledge as examples to the others. (Revelations 7:3 "Saying hurt not the earth, neither the seas, nor the trees, till we have sealed THE SERVANTS OF GOD in their foreheads." 7:4 "And I heard the number of THEM which were sealed and there were sealed an HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR THOUSAND of all the tribes of the children of Israel."


The apple was the law that God had given to the Adamic people which forbid them mixing their seed or blood with the people which God had chosen and set apart as examples for the others. (Genesis 3:3 "But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, GOD hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, NEITHER SHALL YE TOUCH IT, lest ye die")


When the Adamic people listened to and were influenced by Satan's teachings called Eve, and did what they were forbidden to do, they were cast out of Eden into the hills and caves of West Asia which is now called Europe.


The making of Adam is also the history of the grafting or making of man into races. From the original people - Black people - the first people in creation - came the brown people, the yellow people, the red people, and finally the Caucasian people. This took place in the area of the planet we today call the Middle East and North Africa.


The Adamic people, having been stripped of all books and instruments of learning when they were cast out of Eden, finally became savage and remained in that condition for two thousand years; until the prophet Moses was sent to civilize them. When they were cast out of Eden they then truly became the children of Satan, called devils.


Some of their children were hidden among the original people and didn't go into Europe. Later, some of the others drifted back into the Middle East and caused war. Finally through invasion they completely took over the Middle East by driving out the original people or killing them off. They killed the men and the male children, and married the original women or had children with them; and this has continued even until today. These are the half-original people that live today in the area we call the Middle East.

This area, with Mecca in Arabia as the center, is where civilized life began and developed on this planet; and has been the center of all life and knowledge of man.


America, where we are today was considered a wilderness and was a place of exile for people who broke the laws of peace. The Indian people were exiled here sixteen thousand years ago for breaking the laws of peace.


The sympathy that some of the original - Black people have for the Admanic people is what Satan was counting on to use to deceive the original - Black people, and cause the most trouble among them because they would not know themselves. Since all people come from the original - Black people it is natural for the original people to have love and sympathy for them. Satan knew that the original people would have to learn to master themselves before they could master Satan and his people; and he believed that if he could cause them to fail this would cause God to leave things as they were, with just a few leaders having the knowledge while the masses remained ignorant and under their control.


The invasion of the Middle East, the driving of the original people and supplanting them in the land is symbolically told in the story of Noah and the Flood. After the original people were supplanted in the area with these half-original people, Abraham was raised among them as the first prophet to point out to them the right path for success, according to God's way for the world; by teaching them that God (Man) was one in his creation and one in his mind and thinking, and not a worshiper of idols and material things.


Abraham prayed for his seed to be successful and God promised that He would allow this to be. God also told Abraham that the people of his seed would be found in the last days of this six thousand year period, in a strange land where they would be afflicted and serve another people for four hundred years.


Satan preaches that he is the seed of Abraham because he thought that the seed of Abraham meant his flesh, and since Abraham was of the tribe of these half-original people they misinterpreted the meaning. God meant that the seed would be a new mind and idea of God and righteousness.


This Satan learned the meaning of when Isa Bin Yusef - (Jesus) came and informed them of their wrong and corrupted meaning of that promise. (St. John 8:39 "They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham." 8:41 "Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even GOD." 8:42 "Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from GOD; neither came I of myself, but HE sent me." 8:43 "Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word." 8:44 YE ARE OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, BECAUSE THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: FOR HE IS A LIAR, AND THE FATHER OF IT.") Satan had no knowledge of his own, so he has to always usurp God's knowledge and try to use it as his own. This is why he is called a snake or serpent. This refers to his nature of wrapping himself or clothing himself in the Divine revelation; but his heart is in opposition and his actions are corrupt because he is always attempting to deceive the righteous people.


These false leaders called Satan, always oppose the prophets and messengers of God when they appear, in order to maintain their leadership positions. But, because the prophet's truth is superior to Satan's knowledge, the opposers are never successful. Consequently, after the prophet dies they then take over the prophets' teachings and corrupt it to fulfill their purpose of maintaining their positions of authority and power; and they pretend that they are believers in the prophets' teachings. They are snakes and false prophets who deceive the masses of people through their corrupt misinterpretation.


After Abraham's appearance the prophet Moses was sent to raise the devil out of the caves of Europe where they had been in exile for two thousand years, in order to allow them to complete their work of subduing the earth and all life on the earth. (Genesis 1:28 - "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.")


Moses' teachings to the people of Europe was a civilizing teaching to give them knowledge, wisdom and understanding, so that they could come among civilized people, by raising them above the savage state of life that they were leading. Moses' teaching lasted for approximately seventeen hundred years before his influence on their lives was broken by the appearance of their first God, who was independent of the teachings of Moses or the Satan of the East.


He was not a product of the original - Black people, but from the Adamic peoples own concepts and ideals about life. This one is called Nimrod in the Bible, and in the secular historical accounts, Alexander The Great, of Macedonia. He set out to conquer and subdue the world, and bring it under his ideas and influence. This was the first child born of Satan's idea, after the civilizing of the European savage, that would oppose the Original people and their way of life. It is Nimrod's birthday that is celebrated on December 25th, not Jesus'.


Christ, as most people think, is not just a name. It is the title of a man and a people that would become God and Master of the earth. Christ means, "One Who is anointed to bring justice to the world." The word justice means Jesus. therefore you have the title "Christ Jesus" for the God of the last days of this kind of world of conquerors and kingdoms. Nimrod and his people are the anti-Christ - or the people who are opposed to the anointed and the justice He brings on Judgment day.


After the fall of Nimrod's people, we see the idea of government and empire building in Rome, and its rulers, the Caesars. Then, Isa Bin Yusef appears. Although many call him Christ, he was in reality a prophet, and a sign of the Christ. He exposed Satan and caused him tremendous trouble, by prophesying about the end of their world. - then Rome and later the government of Europe.


Contrary to popular belief, he was not crucified, but he sacrificed himself to martyrdom to prove to Satan that he had no power over him: and that even in death, his teaching and ideas would rule supreme over Satan and his world. This was to show these ignorant opposers that by killing him physically they could not kill what he represented. After the death of Jesus, his teachings spread from the Middle East to Greece and then to Rome.


Saul, who was a Greek Jew and a Roman soldier, was given a special commission to round up the followers of Jesus and get rid of them. Saul fed them to the lions, crucified them, and killed them in every way that he could devise; until no matter what he did, the more he killed, the more there seemed to be. They were not called Christians at that time, and the sign they used to identify themselves was a fish; a sign of life.


Jesus' teachings were designed to warn the people about God's coming kingdom and righteous world; and that their love for Rome and its Caesar was against the righteous way of God, for Caesar and his people were materialistic beasts and had no love for truth, justice, peace or righteous conduct. This kind of teaching was opposed by Caesar and Satan, who had now clothed himself as the only true interpreter of scripture, or God's knowledge. So Satan conspired with Caesar to murder Jesus. When Jesus martyred himself, Satan and Caesar thought they were rid of him, until his followers continued to spread his teachings. It was then that Saul was commissioned to get rid of them.


When Saul became perplexed as to what to do about the followers of Jesus, he went to Arabia to seek knowledge from the chief Satan. Saul was advised by the chief Satan in Arabia to take control of the teachings of Jesus, and become the champion and chief interpreter of the teachings. This would control the people in their beliefs and faith and not their bodies. With this system Satan would not be subject to the anger and displeasure of the people when they grew tired of material rulers. They had already accomplished this in the East and advised Saul to do the same in the West. Jesus foresaw this trick, and explained it to his disciples in the parables of "The wolf in sheep's clothing" and "The blind leading the blind'"


Upon Saul's return from his trip, he had all of a sudden become converted, and changed his name from Saul to Paul. He sought out Peter and other leaders of the followers of Jesus, and talked to them concerning the teachings of Jesus. He informed them of his conversion to their faith and was received by them; and then became the greatest champion of their cause. It was under his influence that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were inspired to write their account of their knowledge and relationship with Jesus, and this became the foundation of the so-called New Testament in the Bible. Most of the other books were written by John when he and Paul were on the island of Patmos, in the Aegean Sea. John became enlightened to Paul's scheme to produce a church and religion that would be just as effective in conquering the world, as the idea of government and kingdoms; only extremely more subtle. Instead of conquering the man's body by force, he could conquer his mind with knowledge, and through this method he could rule them. This is the advice he was given in Arabia by the Chief Satan.


So Paul built the church and Paul interpreted the teachings of Jesus to Peter and the other followers. Paul then established Peter as the first Pope, and Paul martyred himself as the spirit of evangelism; which was the mission of the church that he, Paul established and ordained, using the name and teachings of Jesus. Paul corrupted the teachings and added the name of God in the last days, to cover the naked lies he had inserted into the teachings.


Paul was preserving Rome and its ideas in his church, and the church became the new Rome at the fall of the Roman Empire. The church became the establisher of kingdoms and kings. The church became the empire builder of the West and crowned the kings of Europe in the name of God, to advance the church's empire.


When Muhammad - (PBUH) - of Arabia, a sign of GOD and the last prophet, was raised in the seventh century, he was successful in overthrowing Satan in Arabia, for a time: and introducing the idea of GOD back into the East. However, as soon as he died Satan reappeared and took over the prophet's people, and introduced his way of conquering and empire building. This put a damper on Satan in the West for a short time and cut them off from trade, until the Crusades.


The Satan of the East, who took over the prophet's people, had derived a greater knowledge from the prophet's teachings than Paul's knowledge, which the Crusaders came with. Many of the Crusaders who came to the Middle East as invaders, became converted by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad - (PBUH). Some stayed in the Middle East, others returned to their homes with new ideas about religion and trade.


When the Pope realized the threat of these ideas, he threatened them with excommunication from the church, or even death if they practiced or preached to masses, the religion of Islam. In order to protect themselves, these Crusaders formed a brotherhood and organized into a secret society, to practice and keep alive the knowledge they had acquired from the East. They called themselves Masons or Moslem sons and eventually the Pope became the most worshipful Master of Freemasons in the West. At this point, the church, the house of darkness, became so corrupt that some of its own children rebelled against it and set up their own house, without the Pope.


Then, as if to prove its dark intentions, the church - (Pope) honored, blessed and inspired Spain to go forth and conquer the world for the church. The Spanish Nation set out to lay waste to the world in blood, plunder, crimes, and inhumanity never before seen or witnessed by man. They crucified everything in their path that wasn't of the Church or Spain. They destroyed every culture and body of knowledge they came across, with the inspired blessing and authority of the church. with an unquenched bloodlust, a priest by the name of Bishop Lacass blessed the Spanish Nation to go into Africa to make war, and capture the most peaceful people on earth; and make them slaves and beast of burden for Spain and the church.


This church's entire history is written in blood, murder and oppression. This church is not the house of God, but is the house of Satan in the West. Jesus taught in the Middle East and never went to Europe. Why then, is the seat of this church in Rome? Is it to honor Jesus or Caesar?


The bringing of God's people - (The Tree of Life) - into America to serve for four hundred years, is the reason God would come in the last days. He would come seeking to save His own. He would come in search of His family that had been robbed, spoiled, killed and taken out of their original names and culture. He would come to fulfill the promise he made to Abraham. (Genesis 15:13 - "And He said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them: and they shall afflict them four hundred years.") No other people in the recorded history of MANKIND has been held in bondage for four hundred years, other than the Black people in America; regardless of Satan's lie, claiming four hundred years of bondage in Egypt. (St John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." 8:33 "They answered him, WE BE ABRAHAM'S SEED, AND WERE NEVER IN BONDAGE TO ANY MAN: HOW SAYEST THOU, YE SHALL BE MADE FREE?")


Here in America is a people persecuted and wronged more than any people in the history of man, yet they are still peaceful. They have not resorted, collectively, to weapons and was as a means to solve their problems. They still believe in God and peace as the highest ideals and way for man. This people, are the seeds of Abraham, a full grown and mighty nation.


Every nation of Europe, the Middle East, and AFRICA laid their foundation on the Black African slave trade. They all engaged in this inhumane crime. This was the seal that has capped their minds, has corrupted their thinking, destroyed their trust and placed them one against the other, in their blind zeal to conquer and build empires.


They have fought a number of wars, slaughtering and killing each other for control, and the church played both ends against the middle, making certain that she always came out on the side of the winner. They have fought two World Wars and are now arming, and preparing to fight the final one, to see who will be the ultimate conqueror.


The mighty anti-Christ, the church and its teachings, is the root cause of all the trouble in the eastern and western worlds, the north and the south. This is the cross, and the sign of the church; conquer up and down, and to and fro in the earth. The cross is a sign of death, not life. This teaching of the church is the same lie told to Eve by the serpent in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2:4 ("And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:" 2:5 "For GOD doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil.") Now this serpent has now grown up to become the dragon in Revelations that gives power to the beast.


The beast in revelations is the warlike and aggressive nature of the immature, and spiritually child -minded people, who can easily be influenced and ruled by emotions, envy, fear, greed, ignorance and jealousy. These are the so-called Moslem sons and ignorant people, who don't have the true knowledge of God or themselves, and believe God is a spook or mystery God, somewhere beyond the heavens.


The church, which is the emotional, mental and spiritual mother and father of these foolish people, gives them idols and false images to bow down to, and pray to and worship as a source of inspiration, and power; by which method, the church and its leaders control the ignorant people. Since these false images and idols have no power, this keeps these people full of emotion and fears which can be fanned like a flame of fire, to move them to conqueror and kill blindly in the name of their foolish idea about God.


Look at the Crusades, the infidels charging and killing each other in the name of the same God. One calling Him Christ and the other calling Him Allah, each claiming the other is wrong. Yet, both of them were worshipping a mystery God or a spook God. Satan has tricked you both, and laughs at you fools.


We live in a world where there is no order, or love for peace and justice. Weapons, not knowledge, have become the means to resolve differences.

The law is meaningless because there is no justice or just judge.


The education is meaningless because it is based on half truths and outright lies. He rewrites His-story whenever it suits his purpose. The spiritual teaching is meaningless because it is corrupted and controlled by power hungry, mental freaks. So now "we live in the valley and the shadow of death." poised for the final war, to write a new history in savagery and destruction.


Everyone wants their enemies to let their guard down, or to see things their way. They all cry for peace, yet they prepare for war. They call for peace, yet there is no call for Justice. Why don't you call for justice? Is it because you know that justice requires you "to do unto others as you want them to do unto you?" Is it because your history of dealing with other people scares you to death, for fear that some would treat you as you have treated them? You have no way to get justice because you have never given any.


When you revolted against the church in the Protestant revolt, you sought justice from those who you claimed oppressed you, but you didn't give justice to those who fell under your authority. when you held your Cromwell rebellion, French rebellion and your American rebellion, you sought justice from your oppressor, and then you became the oppressor. You became one big imperial power after another, and together you set out murdering and slaughtering, to control the material wealth of the planet for a few fools, who control a mass of fools.

When will you ever learn? You are not righteous people with a noble idea of freedom, justice, equality or peace. You are a beast, four thousand years up from the caves of Europe through Moses, who have never been brought into Divine-knowledge. Those among you who have acquired some knowledge are required to study Islam from 35 to 50 years, and have never believed you were fit to be taught, so they mock you and allow you to call yourself a Moslem son. a Moslem Son is nothing. You have no Divine light until you become a Muslim, and then you are only a child placed on the right path, still needing to be controlled because of your limited knowledge. As a Moslem Son you are in utter darkness, a mental caveman possessing the least of knowledge. You have accomplished very little.


Satan has appeared to you, Moslem Son in the guise of a Muslim, and is the Master of you, and he is only a child of Divine-intelligence: yet he makes you submit to him for knowledge and substance. He has deceived you, and now the time of the God of Righteousness and Justice has come, and you have no knowledge of how to do right. Satan, being one who knows he must eventually submit to the Will of God, because he has always known that it was God's will to allow him to try to deceive you: knows how to do right and when Jesus - The Christ appears, will deny and reject any association or knowledge of you and your ignorance. At the Judgment he will say, "I had no power over you, except that I called and you came."












Teaching For The Civilized Lost Found Tribe In The Wilderness Of North America


(In Ninety and One-Hundred and Twenty Degrees)



The completion of nine 33 degree cycles and the completion of Hell with the unit nine, is 1/2 way for the city of Los Angeles, in the providence of Kalife (California), in the Wilderness of the Northern Hemisphere, so says the Almighty God Himself...

The Wilderness of North America has completed itself with the teachings of Islam from the mouth of the Almighty God through its Messenger, so says the Almighty God, There is no more water - - the substance of life, to be found. There is no life in its branches - - nothing but death to be found. The water, (light, wisdom, knowledge) has been consumed, some by its ten percenters (10%ers), some by, and mostly taken away by Almighty God. To have the wisdom and the knowledge to survive Hell and the Doom that is creeping into its brain and the body, is to depend on the five percenters (5%ers).


Within the Nation of Islam the 5% teachers of Righteousness, teaches the true meaning of the Supreme Wisdom that was brought here to the shores of North America by the Supreme Being, Master W.D. Fard Muhammad. Through different phases and complex cycles the true breakdown of its teachings and meaning, mainly those who have received different degrees of light; therefore within the Nation as it stands of present, this procedure has been undertaken with great strides. The rule of the 10% in the Nation of Islam has come to a head, which like any other force who do 10% in the Nation of Islam has come to a head, which like any other force who do not obey its natural laws and mathematics, has produced its own destruction.


Certain breakdowns in the Supreme teachings tell of the catastrophe which has taken place. The poisonous fluid which flows in the brains of those who participate in this unrighteous act against the Supreme God, and its people has deteriorated itself. This cancer which produced corruption within God's bounds are paying heavy prices for the goods they have purchased; therefore, righteousness has produced dissatisfaction against unrighteousness. Any opposition and disobedience or rebellion toward and throughout this 5% cycle results in expulsion and death from the Nation of Islam within the bounds or righteousness has been revealed.




A: The five percenters (5%ers) look like you and me, some are dressed bad, some are located in the Ghettos of Hell, the Government of the devils educational system, the law enforcement of the devils penal institutions, the high government of the devils civilization...




A: They look like you and me. Some are disguised as high society type individuals and some are dressed bad...




A: They are making themselves known every day through their people, mostly the deaf, dumb, and blind who the so-called righteous Muslims have not taught; who have failed to do their duty, which is to teach the uncivilized. There is a punishment for such forgetful action, which the people will inflict upon same for not telling the truth, the truth that was taught to them through the Messenger of Almighty God.




A: Through mental and physical fighting.




A: Most of this bloodshed will take place South, far North and far West. The West will

be the fountain of dripping blood and insanity, murder, rape, 100% total violence.




A: The only ones to survive this catastrophe will be the Muslims who have taken upon himself to learn, listen and are completely righteous. The 5% are not completely righteous. There is only one who is capable of holding such a position, your leader and teacher. The 5% are only righteous to the degree of and between 85 and 95%. They have enough wisdom and knowledge to control themselves and make up for the 10% or 5% of unrighteoueness lacking in them. Hell is built upon imperfection, or it would not be considered Hell. Things are only right to a certain extent, due to the people who constructed it, having imperfect capabilities.




A: Survival is through different aspects of light that has been given out; wisdom, knowledge and light has been given to fit any and all occasions that would prevail itself at any given time; to recognize different segments of time has been given. If one fails to recognize it before it is upon you, is one's own fault. There is no amount of pity given out, only total suffering when the time has been appointed, this happens individually and collectively due to certain circumstances prevailing.



A: As the Messenger of Allah has taught, one should study lessons, read the Holy Book, (certain passages that the Messenger has prescribed), so says the Almighty God. Keep the company of the so-called righteous, or brothers who are trying to sustain himself in Islam and most of all, brothers who will teach the brothers who are lacking in wisdom and knowledge, so says the Almighty God, this is the time for all single brothers who have not continued themselves on through their seed to merge and enjoin one another; come together with one another so says Almighty God Himself, for surely one will find it very difficult from here on.




A: There is no more light to be given; it is incumbent upon each individual to find and search for what he or she does not have, for surely the time is not far off.




There are things faster than the speed of light that in this atmosphere it is possible for an object to travel on a magnetic wave at 282,000 miles per second, and that beyond the magnetic forces of this planet, travel at a million miles per second, is not only possible but routine.




The separation of a stream of electrified particles, by a magnetic field in accordance with their mass change of speed.




A reactor field magnetizing force as generally used in magnetic field indicates the region throughout which the magnetizing force values are significant magnitude with respect to the condition under consideration in effect a magnetic field is in a region in which the magnetic force created by permanent magnet or current carrying conductor or coil can be detected.




The magnetic lines of force.




An imaginary line through two points on the Earth's surface where angle of inclination equals zero, that's where the lines of force are horizontal. There is no thrust (push, attack) in regard to the Mother Ship, nor is there any need because what actually happens is that the ship, once in motion, moves forward at whatever speed is desired on magnetic lines of force, the ship, in other words, is trying to get out of its own way. Everything on the planet Earth and indeed in the Solar System operates on magnetic frequencies from a pencil to the human body. The Mother Ship can create a magnetic flux and move at any speed from 0 to 282,200 miles per second and once outside of this atmosphere of ours where no resistance operates, she can move at one million miles per second. The scout ships from the Mother Ship come and land and take off at will (refer to Zech. 5:1,2 and Ezekiel 1:8-26). The atmosphere of the Earth extends to the height of 250 miles, but at forty miles the density is nearer vacuum.




Magnetization disappears at high temperatures; the inverse-square Law. The effect on a point on the magnetic pole is due to follow the same laws. The force between the two point poles varies inversely as the square of their distance apart. Thus the force (F):




Between the poles varies directly as the product of their strength, m1 m2, follows from the fact it is independent of the presence of the other. Thus the unit magnetic pole may be defined as much as one when placed one centimeter for equal pole the force between them is one dyne. The poles being situated in the air. (ex.) Magnetic J pole of strength 50 and 90 units are placed at the B and C of an equilateral triangle A, B, C of side 10ca. If S pole of strength SC is placed A find the resistant force of A.

for poles A and B




Such force enables the Mother Plane to run speed in excess of light lines in magnetic force.


Lines whose direction at each point is that of the magnetic field at the point is called a magnetic line of force is free to travel or more lines of force arise on the N pole and end on S pole, also no two lines can meet or cross each, for if they did, it would mean an object would travel in two directions at the same time (which the Mother Plane is capable of doing).


We know the material in the chemical world are used in building all physical forms, are given life and the power of motion by forces at work in the etheric regions and some of those living forms are stirred into activity by means of the twin feelings of desire. (ex.) When a person is drowning or falling from a height or freezing, or the vital body leaves the dense body, the atoms of which become temporarily inert in consequence, but at resuscitation it re-enters the dense body and the points are again inserted in the atoms. The inertia of the atoms causes them to resist the resumption of vibration and that is the cause of the intense pain. Ordinarily we are not conscious of the starting or stopping of a clock, but we are obvious of its tick when running.


The lower the grade of intelligence of the evolving being, the more it is dependent upon outside help at the beginning, then the highest degree of unconsciousness later they turn them over to some of the less evolved, who are able to carry the work a little further. At last self conscious is awakened, then there is no need for outside teachers and the glory, power and splendor he may attain are limitless; the subsequent period of existence during omniscience is called evolution. The force within the evolving being which makes evolution, and makes each individual differ from that of every other, which provides the essence of originality and give shape to the creative skills to which the evolving being is to cultivate that he may become God (Black Man), that force is known as 'Genius.



The Greatest Story Ever Told



This story that I am about to manifest to you is the history of the GOD Tribe of Shabazz, who are, as we know today, the so-called Negroes of America, and the Holy Bible refers to them as the Children of Israel. Keep in mind, the words Israel, Hebrew, and Shabazz are all the same. The only difference is that they belong to a different language. And, in order for King James to conceal the truth or true identity of the most talked about people of his book, he wisely used the terms Israel and Hebrew. In the Jewish language, Israel means "Chosen Tribe'. In the Hebrew language it means "Gifted Tribe' or 'God's elect'. In the book of Genesis 15:13-15, it is explained to Abram (Abraham) what will happen to his seed (Tribe). Also, in the book of Malachi 3:8-9, God asked a very important question. So, by reading the Bible very carefully, you will notice that it speaks of one particular people from the beginning to the end. And now, the story.


For twenty (20) years, John Harding Hawkins, an Englishman and a Trader by occupation, came among the Black man to trade. In time, he learned the Black Man's language and his culture; in fact, I should say his way of life. As he learned more about him, he noticed that some of the Blacks were satisfied and others were not. As he came to know the dissatisfied, he learned that they were dissatisfied with the administration which they were under; such as the state of affairs, employment, business, foreign relations, economics, (internal and external), and most of all, the religion, ISLAM. These people were Muslims.


John Hawkins saw that about 70% were satisfied and 30% were dissatisfied. The region where the people were living at this time was the Eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, the country we know today as Syria. So, John Hawkins told those who were dissatisfied that he could take them to a 'new world' where they could start life anew; where they could make more gold for their labor than they were making in their own land. He also told them they could get better positions in the government and choice land for their choosing. In other words, they were going to live like Kings and Queens in this 'new world'. As they thought of this paradise, they never realized that they were now living in paradise at that moment. For that is the choicest land on the Planet Earth today; these are the Holy Lands as the Bible points out to us: Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Persia (Iraq).


In the year of 1555, John H. Hawkins and a handful of Black Men, Women and Children set sail for the 'new world'. The Black people did not know that they were about to be enslaved. As the good ship "Jesus" set sail, the crew of the ship appeared with rifles and guns along with leg irons and chains. When it dawned on these Blacks what was about to happen, the whole ship was in an uproar, and in the confusion, some jumped overboard rather than go into slavery. Others were subdued and put into chains, after which they were put into the hole of the ship , because these trips took about three (3) to five (5) months to complete, and provisions were not plentiful.


When they landed some months later in Jamestown, Virginia, the ones who were in charge had already built a large camp for the slaves to live in because this was a very carefully planned project; planned to the last detail. The white man's intention was to dispossess the Black Man of his whole way of life, and in turn, make a "new" Black man which would serve him faithfully for all of his days. John H. Hawkins was so successful on his first trip of kidnapping these Black people from the East, and selling them into slavery in the West, that he went back to England and bought two (2) more ships, because the Black Men brought so good a price on the slave block, that he knew if he could be successful on a few more trips to the 'new world' with the Black slaves, he could retire and live a comfortable life in his mother country, England.


John H. Hawkins came back to the East and told them, "Your brothers and sisters are asking for you to come to the 'new world' and join them, because they are living a better life." So, the Black Men of the East, being nine thousand (9,000) miles from their Black brothers in the 'new world' and not knowing they are kidnapped and forced into slavery against their will, took John Hawkins as a friend and not as a deceiver. In no time, he had enough to fill his two (2) ships and they sailed for the 'new world'. When John H. Hawkins and his two (2) ships landed in Jamestown, Virginia from the East, these Blacks were also put into the same camp. He noticed the work had already begun on the first Blacks, their studies had shown many valuable points about the Black people, such as; how they prayed, their actions, and many other things. Keep in mind that the Black Man knew his name, country, flag, language, religion, and most of all, his God, Who is Allah. The white men realized that they must take this (the Black Men's heritage) from them in order to have a life-long slave.




As we know, the white man's history teaches that the first slaves were brought to this country, America, (the 'new world') in 1619 and 1621. As stated in the beginning, the Black Man was taken into captivity in 1555. He was put into camps that were like small cities. These cities had stores for all supplies. The ones in charge had instructions to watch the Black people, day and night, and write everything down on paper that he did; nothing else, just watch him. This was the first stage set-up to rob the Black Man of his identity, of who he is (was). This camp was the receiving point. This is where they would condition the Black Man, and this is the period missing out of his history (1555 to 1620); this is about sixty-five (65) years.




Here, every time the Black Women would have a child, they would take the child to different part of the camp. This child would grow up under a white woman. After the child reached the age of six (6) or seven (7), he or she would be shipped to a plantation a little to the west in the deeper south. Sometimes, the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to name a few. The Blacks he had now were all of a 'different' Tribe (nature), and whenever you saw them you would know, because they looked like Brothers and Sisters. Their shades were alike, their height was alike as well as their characteristics. "This must be concealed from them", said the white man.




As a result, many Blacks from Africa were brought here during the 1600's in order to mix with the God Tribe. They, being mixed now with the new arrival of Africans who spoke a different dialect, made it impossible to understand one another when they came in contact. What the white men had learned from the first experiment in the camps was now introduced to every plantation for a guide to follow. Some plantations could hold up to five thousand (5,000) slaves. The main objective on all plantations was to take the baby from its mother, and in turn, let a white woman raise it, or a very trusted Black "Mammy".


By the 1700's, the white man had produced a new race of people who did not know their names, who did not know their language, who did not know his history, who did not know his culture, who did not know his religion (ISLAM) or God (ALLAH). The third stage was to inject fear into the Blacks. One, which was brought about, was by taking a Black Woman who was pregnant with a child, and tie her hands and feet to a stake. The plantation owner would notify all plantation owners in the radius of one hundred (100) miles to bring their slaves to his plantation. He would then take a knife and cut the child from the Black Woman's womb, while the others looked on in terror at what the white man had done. If any Black Man came to her aid, the other whites who were watching would shoot him down like a dog. After getting her baby, the white man would take it and drop it to the ground and squash the baby's head flat. And to this very day, the so-called Negroes fear the white man and do not know the true reason why. Many other acts were committed against the so-called Negroes, such as lynchings, raping and burning them at the stake, to name a few.


The United States of America came into existence about 1776, after the American Revolution. IN less than one hundred and fifty (150) years, this country became the greatest and richest in the whole world. How did it become so rich? Who made it so wealthy? The answers lie in her slaves. Cotton is an agricultural product produced by the Black men working in the fields all day. This brought on the Civil War. Next, you have steel which put the United States of America on top of the world, indeed. The cotton seeds came from Egypt with the slaves; the ingredients of steel came from Japan. With the Black Man working in the steel mills doing the hardest work for a little or nothing, indeed America is rich.




The Tribe of Shabazz is the original tribe; "original" meaning 'first'; before it, there were no others, and all tribes and mankind in existence are the off-springs of the "Tribe of Shabazz", but were brought about through grafting. This "Tribe of Shabazz" is nature herself, and she is the wife of the Most High, ALLAH Himself. All changes that come about in the Earth are brought about through the wombs of the God Tribe, Shabazz. She is a nation of Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses. This tribe has no mother or father. And, her mother and father are still in her today; none could find her beginning. We could trace the white man (Caucasians) back to their very beginning (birth date). But the so-called Negroes are an exception, we can only trace them to their ending. When we get to their ending, we only find that their ending is also their beginning. The so-called Negroes have no birth record; they are not the off-spring of any tribe, nation or people, but all tribes, nations and people are off-spring from them.


The so-called American Negroes are the Holy Tribe of Shabazz, and Allah (God) Himself, came here to the wilderness of North America to raise His people from a mental death. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, whom Allah commissioned as His Messenger is now teaching His people for the first time, the true knowledge of God. The Tribe of Shabazz, which has been in bondage for the past four hundred (400) years, is now coming into the knowledge that will place them in their rightful realm with the nations of the Earth, and she (the Tribe of Shabazz) being "Mother Nature" will bring about a one hundred percent (100%) change. This world's days were ended in 1914, but the devil (the white man) was granted a seventy (70) year grace period on its time; it can collapse any day now. This world's system was created by Dr. Yakub (the father of the white man) some six thousand (6,000) years ago.



The True Meaning Of Christianity



What kind of knowledge rules the world?


Religious knowledge rules the world. The Old Testament called "Torah" has ruled the Judaic world; the New Testament called the "Injil" has ruled the Christian world; and the Holy Quran has ruled the Islamic world.


What are the names of the Prophets who brought these three books to the people?


Moses (Musa), Jesus (Isa) and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.


Did Jesus teach Christianity?


No, Jesus' teachings were not Christianity, it was Freedom, Justice and Equality. He taught Islam.


Why was the church and state combined over 2.000 years ago?


Because religion and government were used to control both the mind and body (thoughts and actions). The devil knew that thoughts and actions must correspond and it was through this knowledge that he was able to control the lives of men.


What does the word "Christian" mean?

It means to be Christ-like or to be crystallized into one.


Has the Christian world been crystallized into one body?

No, instead there are many separate and distinct groups or denominations professing that they all believe in Christ.


When did the above confusion in the church begin?

It began over 2,000 years ago after the death of Jesus (the Christ). The church never did come to agree on the true teachings of Christ and many changes were made in his doctrine which brought about separate denominations.


Did Jesus teach a trinity doctrine?


No, it is mathematically impossible to put three into one. This doctrine was brought about in 325 A.D. by a council of theologians in the city of Nice, which is located in southeastern France on the Mediterranean. This council was called the "Nicene Council".


What has been the effect of the trinity doctrine on the minds of the people?


This doctrine has helped to enslave the minds of the people by advocating white supremacy.


Tell us just how this doctrine advocates white supremacy?


The devils knows that most people believe in a power and force more superior to themselves and that they could not readily identify this power and force, so he (the devil) gave them a visible vision in the flesh of man and told them that this man was the son of the Supreme Being. However, he gave them a man in white flesh with blond hair and blue eyes and said that this was Jesus, the son of God. Jesus was not a white man, he was an original Black man.


Did the people have a true knowledge of the true and living God?


No, the knowledge of God was kept a secret for trillions of years by twelve men who passed this knowledge on to their sons. In order for the people to have a true knowledge of God, they would have to come into the knowledge of themselves.


Why was this knowledge kept a secret from the masses of people?


This was done so that they would not interfere with the devils time of ruling the earth. The devil was given the power to rule the earth for 6,000 years.


Did the people realize that this power and force existed within their own being?


No, they were deceived and made to believe that the devil himself possessed such power and force. Because of this deception, they suffered from a mental death and power.


What happens when a people cannot manifest the power of their being?


The same as above, they suffer from a mental death and power and this makes it easy for others to rule over them.


When will the people regain the power of their being?

It is said that in the last days that they will regain their power when they come into the true knowledge of themselves.


What was the essence of Moses' (Musa) teachings?


To prepare the people on the physical level. They had gone so far astray physically that it took Moses forty long years to prepare them physically so that they could receive the mental aspects of Islam (called the Old Testament).


What was the essence of Jesus' (Isa) teachings?


Jesus came to fulfill the scriptures. He fulfilled the teachings of the Old Testament by interpreting the scriptures and being a living example in the flesh. The essence of his teachings was on the mental level (called the New Testament).


What is the effect of a people being dissatisfied?


Dissatisfaction brings about change and change brings us into new fields of knowledge and a new way of thinking. Jesus said that as a man thinketh, so is he. This means that a people's thoughts affect their total being, and the essence of their being is passed on to succeeding generations. The seed (child) is then born with a determined idea which is predicted by the 23 chromosomes which in their own rights is like the 23 scientists who predicted our future in advance.


Why are we (the Original people) called the Body-Christ?


All things have proceeded as they were from the beginning. When God creates a type or kind, that type or kind is then a pattern or model for other types or kinds that come after and they remain the same as the original until God decides to change it or destroy it. The Original people are a people who have been prepared for trillions of years to be a Christ-like people. Jesus' life was the epitome (a typical example) of the Original people's life in general. Therefore, we are called the Body-Christ. Read: I Corinthians 12:12-2 in Bible.


When were the Original people of North America introduced to the Bible?


After the first three hundred years of our enslavement in North America. Then the slave masters discovered that the Bible could be used to help them mentally enslave us.


When was the Bible first given to the Europeans? Who gave it to them?


The first part of the book, called the Torah was given over 4,000 years ago. The second part of the book called the Injil was given over 2,000 years ago. Both books were given to them by the original people of Egypt and they were written in the original languages of both Arabic and Hebrew. It was first given to the Greeks and translated into the Greek language then into Latin and finally into the English language during the 16th century by 47 religious scholars and dedicated to King James in the year 1611.


Why did King James authorize a new translation of the Bible?


When King James I ascended the throne of England in 1603, he found himself heir to the religious turmoil and confusion that had characterized the entire 16th century. He authorized a new translation that would help him control the masses.



Wilderness of North America



This day, February the 26th, fifty nine years ago in Heaven, the holy city Mecca;




From the hearers of heaven's throng a voice raised high and majesty of Mr. W.D. Fard Muhammad, has been born the Mighty King.


Born: To save me and my people who were lost, blind, deaf & dumb. Dead to the knowledge of everything.


Born: Hath he, to intercede for me and my people in this Judgment Day.


Born: To give life to me and my people, that we might live.


Born: To give freedom to me and my people who were slaves to Devils in this wicked hell of North America.


Born: To give Equality, with the Angels of Paradise.


Born: To save the Fallen Sons of the Tribe of Shabazz, from the wicked grasp of Yacub's made Devil and Satan.


Born: To unite the lost sheep, who went astray in 1555 with the 4,400,000,000 of His nation.


Born: To destroy with unquenchless fire, the enemy of we Lost-Found People that the works Yacub's made Devil will never revive.


Born: To restore all black mankind into one love together.


Born: The Lord of the Worlds.


Born: The wisest of all, the most merciful, the most loving, the Almighty, the knower of what is in man's heart. The doer of what He pleases. There is no God but Him, in the Earth nor in the heavens above the Earth.


I shall remember this day forever, the 26th of February, 1877 and my offspring too. To keep a feast of joy with all my poor Lost-Found Nation, whom this our Saviour the King was born. I shall not eat any food from this day until the sun goes down. This I will do, that my whole heart and body be not hindered from giving praise to my king, that was born on this day whose light, of love, freedom, justice and equality is greater to me than the sun, moon, and the stars.


Now come all of you Lost-Founds, and praise the name of our Saviour and King who was born, and we have reclaimed our own. He gave to us this Holy Name, and calls everyone of us by our own. All praise be to our Saviour the Almighty Allah, the Strong, the Giver of Life. Praise Him, who have reclaimed your own, and know Him as your Saviour and King, forever and ever. Let the universe praise Him.

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